The 4 States of Consciousness

Beta (Broadly ranging from 12 to 40 HZ) – Normal, wakeful alertness. In this phase you are active, busy, conscious, and focused on your surroundings.

  • Alpha (8-12 HZ) – Feeling present, quiet, and meditative. In this phase, you are in a state of mental and physical relaxation while still being somewhat aware of your surroundings. You are alert, but calm. This is also considered to be light trance state. The alpha state is ideal for learning new information and creative problem solving. Imagine sitting in a study in a comfortable chair with some light music going on in the background as you read a book. That’s the Alpha level.

  • Theta (4-8 HZ) – Strong internal focus coupled with a feeling of being deeply relaxed to the point of drowsiness. It’s a state of being half awake and half asleep, like daydreaming. This is a deep state of trance. In this phase, you have easy access to your creative imagination and vivid mental imagery.

  • Delta (.5 to 4HZ) – Deep, dreamless sleep. In this phase, you are unconscious with very slow brainwave activity.

The activities of learning and personal development are best achieved during the trance states at either the Alpha and Theta levels of brainwave activity.