Hypnotherapy (hypnosis used for helping, healing or therapeutic purposes) is a medically approved method for treating a wide variety of conditions and personal issues. The techniques of hypnosis can be used on their own or with other forms of therapy to help you. Because it works directly with the subconscious mind, it is a rapid and effective treatment, which can be much faster than other traditional "talk psychotherapy".  The number of hypnotherapy sessions that would be required may depend on the person and issues treated. All treatments are individualized.


Hypnoworks helps ordinary, everyday people, with ordinary, everyday problems.


  • I currently work in mid management in an institute of higher education. I needed to build my self- confidence in terms of doing some public speaking and presentations. My sessions with hypnoworks has increased my confidence level and self esteem. I am very comfortable in my skin now! Tiffany S.

Avit Ray writes that, "We are most aware when we become conscious of our infinite nature." My experience with hypnosis, performed by Belvin Jessup mase me very aware of this dynamic mentioned by Ray. The experience put me in touch with that awareness as well as allowing me a moment to do the one act that most people are unaware helps them. One of the first things Belvin asked me to do was to relax my shoulders. Often, we are so unaware of how much weight and anxiety wecarry in our shoulders. That relaxation opened the door to his messaging. I was struggling to learn a script for a short play in which I seemed unable retain in my memory. I was very aware that he was messaging to my mind the successful retention of this material. 
After the session, relaxed and feeling good, I went about my activities. When I returned to the stage for the opening performance at K. R. Williams auditorium on the campus of Winston Salem State University, I was delighted and in the middle of the play very conscious that I was relaxed and comfortable with my own recall in thw creation of my character, I also had an excellent recall of the lines required of the rest of the cast. I remember being on stage and aware that I had an easy, accesible confidence that allowed me the pleasure of character development more than worrying about lines in the script. I credited this comfort and ease of mind to my experience with Belvin days earlier. I have lots of experience on stages and am very aware that relaxation and focus help master the nerves that lead to anxiety and memory loss in the performance process. Hypnosois and the resulting subconscious elevation of my own relaxation and confidence were key to a better manifestation of my own skills. It is like cooking a good meal. You can do everything right and have all the ingredients combined but a good cook will season the meal to perfect it. The hypnosis experience was seasoning to my mind. It was all there, but I needed a moment to season the processes already in my head. Belvin added a dash of this and a dash of that to a recipe that was ready to be served but was not seasoned. You got to try it. Suggestion is a powerful seasoning on the human soul.

Lorenzo Meechum Artist/Educator

  • Two months ago, I underwent a hypnotherapy session with Mr. Jessup and it is certainly an experience I highly recommend. With the professional roles I occupy, I need balance and peace, so I went to Mr. Jessup for alignment via hypnotherapy. My lifestyle has numerous moving parts and an enormous amount of responsibilities befall me. I am constantly in search of focus, creativity, patience, overstanding, memory, and attention to detail. From the first few words I spoke, he honed in on the areas that were crucial to my enhancement and development. I am pleased with the results and when the opportunity presents, I will surely visit Mr. Jessup again for a maintenance chat!

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Advocate, Conversion Coach, and Keynote Speaker,

Victoria Broussard